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Turn your data into intelligence with Brainnwave

When “Big Data” becomes “Too Much Data”

Ninety percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years alone; the volume of data is doubling every two years and, by 2020, it’s projected to reach 44 trillion gigabytes.

This massive change is presenting us all with a challenge: gaining – and maintaining – control of data has become a daunting task in all industries. Throughout organisations, data comes from many sources, at different frequencies, in different formats, using different terminology, units of measure, exchange rates, etc…Resources need to organise, clean, deduplicate, harmonise, share and update data on an ongoing basis, in an attempt to extract accurate, timely and useful intelligence.

Too many commercial teams in the Oil & Gas industry suffer from chaotic, siloed data. This results in wasted time and energy, lower confidence in decisions, and missed business opportunities.

Ultimately, those who don’t adapt will be overtaken by competitors and struggle to survive.

What if technology could make your data work for you instead?

Imagine if you can turn your data into intelligence, so that you and your teams can:

  • Focus on the value-added activities you are paid to do instead of wrangling with data
  • Enjoy confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of data used to make decisions
  • Understand in depth the markets you are operating in, entering, expanding in or exiting
  • Target the right opportunities and people for your products and services, before your competition finds them
  • Deploy your marketing budget to the right audiences
  • Ensure maximum customer satisfaction through targeted service delivery

Brainnwave – Transforming how data is consumed

Brainnwave’s customers have decided to take action and turn their data into intelligence. Typically, our cloud technology helps them:

  • Gain and share better insights on their markets
  • Identify potential customers before the competition
  • Service existing customers more effectively

We help them achieve this by ensuring the right information is exposed at the right time, to the right people throughout the organisation – aligning everyone from leadership to “boots on the ground”.

Ossian, our flagship platform, combines the latest techniques and technologies into a single platform deployed in you cloud environment. It is designed to help you derive insights from complex data from multiple sources, and available in multiple formats:

  • Internal & external
  • Paid subscriptions, free & open source
  • Structured, unstructured & geospatial

Let’s discuss how Brainnwave can help you ensure your organisation emerges a winner from the data revolution!

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