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Discover current and future opportunities in markets around the world

The Global Opportunities stream at the Energy Exports Conference 2019 hosted 20 speakers from major international operators and contractors responsible for some of the world’s largest energy projects.

More than US$150bn worth of project opportunities was presented to delegates, with a focus on the supply chain gaps companies are looking to fill with UK content.

Featuring sessions with top operators and EPC contractors on the opportunities available on their projects; inward delegations of government ministers and leading operators from countries like Australia, Brunei and Iraq; and panel sessions on key sectors like decommissioning, subsea and offshore wind.


Global opportunities with key industry players

Senior executives and decision-makers at some of the world’s biggest operators and contractors such as Saudi Aramco, Petrofac, Bechtel and many more featured at this year’s Energy Exports Conference to highlight the opportunities that are available for the UK supply chain.

We also welcomed government ministers and the leading contractors from select high-value countries to talk about country or regional opportunities that companies can identify as their next target market.

Plus – all our delegates had the opportunity to meet the speakers in private, one-to-one meetings outside of the conference hall to discuss how their companies can progress in working together.