Exporting Toolkit



Have you just started or are yet to begin your export journey?

If you are a UK supply chain company supplying goods and services to the oil and gas, power, nuclear and renewables sectors, there are many reasons to think about pursuing an export strategy to grow your business. A mature UK market, a growing number of lucrative overseas opportunities and uncertainty around Brexit are just a small number of these.

The Energy Exports Conference 2019 is set to be the perfect platform to get off the ground running in your export journey. By attending the Inspiring Exports stream you will walk away with a solid foundation of how to get started, are able to identify the right markets for your product/service, and can draw on the experiences of similar companies who were in the same position not long ago.

Building your exporting toolkit

In order to begin exporting into global markets, you have to be suitably prepared. The Inspiring Exports stream is designed to make companies aware of everything that they need to know before getting started, including finance, internal organisation, due diligance, compliance and much more.

Hear from and meet the organisations that provide support to exporting companies, including UK Export Finance who can offer lines of credit to ensure payment is always guaranteed and on time when booking orders abroad.

Plus – one-to-one appointments are available with all of our speaker companies and event partners so you can sit down and discuss the specifics around your individual case.

Hear inspiring success stories

Also included in the Inspiring Exports stream programme will be speakers from UK SMEs in the energy sector who were in the same position not long ago.

Hear how they got started and what organisations they used for support in the early stages and find out what advice they would give to new exporters thinking about making the leap into global markets.

Plus – as well as sharing what went right about their journey, find out what went wrong and what they would do again if they had the chance to start over.