Focus on Decommissioning


Export opportunities in the global decommissioning sector

The decommissioning sector has great potential for the UK supply chain, with an estimated US$100bn to US$200bn in decommissioning costs faced by industry and governments around the world.

This activity will take place over the next 40 years, with the majority of smaller, shallow water platform removals in mature regions occuring in the next 20 years.

There are three key regions that will become a hub for decommissioning activity: The Gulf of Mexico; Asia Pacific; and the North Sea.

With so much experience in the mature UK decommissioning sector, there are huge opportunities for companies looking to take advantage of the growing demand for expertise abroad.


When and where:

The Focus on Decommissioning panel session will feature in the Global Opportunities Conference on Day 1, Tuesday 19th June (time to be confirmed).


John Warrender

Chief Executive Officer – Decom North Sea


  • What is the prize for decom globally and how quickly will it come to life?
  • What key learnings can the industry take from UKCS experience?
  • How to package up UK capability into exportable capability?
  • How to convince UK & O&G supply chain to choose to invest in decom instead of (or in addition to) other areas of growth?


The full speaker line-up for the Focus on Decommissioning panel session will be announced shortly.

Where are the opportunities?

The Focus on Decommissioning panel session in the Global Opportunities Conference will include some of the key players operating in the global decommissioning sector, who will focus on the present and future opportunities for the UK supply chain.

Chaired by Decom North Sea’s CEO John Warrander, delegates will walk away with a stronger understanding of how they can enter this sector, why they should invest in decom and where are the key areas to target.

Delegates of the Global Opportunities Conference will also have the opportunity to meet with the speakers of this panel session in one-to-one appointments to kickstart your export journey in this lucrative sector.

Thinking about entering the decommissioning sector?

The Inspiring Exports Conference will be tailored towards companies who have not yet begun their export journey, or are still in the very early stages.

The conference programme will feature speakers from organisations like UK Export Finance, who will advise on what funding is available to successfully finance your growth, international tax considerations, how to get paid and more.

The Department for International Trade and Scottish Development International will also be on hand to provide support in key markets that you are thinking about entering.

Hear from companies who have successfully diversified into the decommissioning sector and their recommendations for companies thinking of making this change..