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Europe: Offshore Wind

Europe remains at the forefront of offshore wind development. In 2018, 18 projects were active in Europe with 409 new offshore wind turbines leading to a total offshore wind capacity of 18,499 MW (WindEurope, 2019).

With investment and capacity set to continue to grow, come and find out how you can access opportunities in the Offshore Wind sector. This session provided insights into opportunities in the European market, including market entry strategies, regulation considerations and preparing for Brexit.

Norway: Oil & Gas

Delegates could learn more about the key sub-sector opportunities for oil and gas supply chain companies in Norway and key market entry strategies. Norway is considered as one of the top growth companies for the immediate future, with oil & gas remaining the largest industry in Norway and key to the economy.

The Norwegian government is continually investing in the sector, driving the industry to be more efficient and innovative. Our market experts were on hand to help to guide you through the regulatory and financial environment and hear first-hand from companies that have seized the opportunities Norway has to offer.

Middle East: Oil & Gas

The Middle East is one of the top growth regions for oil & gas. With $211 billion of O&G projects underway in the Middle East make sure you are prepared to take advatage of the opportunities in this growing market.

Market and sector specialists discussed the cultural, regulatory and financial considerations of exporting to the Middle East, including helping you to understand the best route into this vast market.

US: Energy

Our panel of expert speakers and companies helped to guide you into taking the next steps into this market full of opportunities.

Boasting one of the most mature energy sectors across the globe – the US offers a large range of opportunities across the energy supply chain. Each year the sector attracts billions of dollars of investment into research and infrastructure helping to meet growing energy demands.



Accessing European Offshore Wind Market Opportunities

When and where:

This session featured in the Inspiring Exports stream on Day 1, Tuesday 18th June at 11:40-12:30, and on Day 2, Wednesday 19th June at 14:30-15:30.


  • Hear about key offshore wind energy market opportunities for your business.
  • Top tips on doing business in Europe, including how to navigate financial and regulatory considerations including Brexit.
  • Support available for your business.


Chair: Karl John   –  Speaking on days 1 and 2

Specialist Renewable Energy

Leonore Frame   –  Speaking on days 1 and 2

International Trade Specialist, Energy, Europe

Mikael Jakobsson  –  Speaking on days 1 and 2

Founder and Chairman

Alan McKerns  –  Speaking on days 1 and 2


Liam Smyth  –  Speaking on day 1

Director of Trade Facilitation

James Brown  –  Speaking on day 2

Head of Energy Team, Patents